Moravian Easter Sunrise Service Videos

248th EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE 2020 service webstreamed during COVID-19 crisis


EXPERIENCE EASTER: 2018 Television Spot (30 seconds)


GREAT SABBATH: The day between Good Friday and Easter is called "Great Sabbath" by Moravians. This is a day when families and members of churches gather at God's Acre to clean and decorate all the gravestones. In Moravian cemeteries, all the simple markers are the same size and shape, indicating equality of all believers in death. There are no family plots, since we are all part of God's family. Moravians are buried by "choirs," based on age and marital status. (5 min, 17 sec)


240th SUNRISE SERVICE VIDEO: A short sample of what it is like to attend the historic Moravian Easter Sunrise Service in Winston-Salem, NC. Starting in 1772, this service has been held every year in Salem, a community settled by the Moravians. Thousands gather in Salem Square in the dark before dawn to prepare for the service. Bands play throughout the night in different parts of town to awake the sleepers and call residents to the service. Just a few moments before the first light appears in the sky, the presiding minister will announce: "The Lord is risen!" and the crowd responds, "The Lord is risen indeed!" After the singing of hymns and a liturgy of faith, the entire crowd processes in prayerful silence to God's Acre, the Salem Moravian cemetery. There, the service concludes with hymns of resurrection as the sun rises in the east. This video was recorded in 2012, at the 240th Easter Sunrise Service. (6 min, 30 sec.)


WHAT DO MORAVIANS BELIEVE? A short video profiling the Moravian view of Christian faith.



The 248th Easter Sunrise Service will be held on Sunday, April 12, 2020, beginning at 6:00 AM and will be led by The Rev. Chaz Snider, associate pastor of Calvary Moravian Church. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the service this year will be webcast only - you are asked to participate remotely through the streaming webcast rather than in person!


A small invited group will conduct the service at Home Moravian Church. Those at home are invited to participate remotely through the webcast, which is available here on and at the Home Moravian website.  The ode will be available for download as a PDF file here later today.


There will be no hospitality station in front of the Belo Home this year since a congregation will not be gathering.

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